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Armstrong, Stephen

The Physics Selection Strategy of the ATLAS High Level Trigger

7.3 MB PDF
Bachacou, Henri

Univ. of Cal., Berkeley
Measurement of the tt-bar Production Cross Section at the Tevatron CDF Experiment using b-tagging

290 KB PDF
Black, Kevin

Boston Univ.
Design of the Silicon Track Trigger at D0

No File Received
Bocian, Dariusz

Luminosity Measurement with the Two-photon Process at the LHC

640 KB PDF
Boisvert, Veronique

Study of the q**2-dependence of B -> pi l nu and B-> rho(omega) l nu Decays and Extraction of V_ub

No File Received
Brubaker, Eric

Univ. of Cal., Berkeley
Measurement of the Mass of the Top Quark at CDF using b-tagging in the Lepton + Jets Channel

No File Received
Canelli, Florencia


Estrada, Juan

Univ. of Rochester
Optimal use of Information to Measure Top Properties

2.8 MB PDF
Chou, Aaron

A New Algorithm for Computing the Aperture of the Auger Surface Detector

No File Received
Coca, Mircea

Univ. of Rochester
Run II CDF Results in the tt-bar Dilepton Channel

300 KB PDF
Del Re, Daniele

Univ. of Cal., San Diego
Measurements of Semileptonic B-decays with BABAR

880 KB PDF
Deryuzhkova, Oksana

Gomel State Univ.
Low-energy Electromagnetic Characteristics of pi-mesons in the Covariant Lagrangian Approach

No File Received
Dorjkhaidav, Orlokh

Syracuse Univ.
The BTeV Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector

2.8 MB PDF
Erbacher, Robin



Thomson, Evelyn

Ohio State Univ.
Kinematic Top Cross Section Measurement

620 KB PDF
Fang, Hung-Chung

Univ. of Cal., Berkeley
Study of Hadronic Moments in Semileptonic B-decays

No File Received
Farbin, Amir

Univ. of Maryland
Measurements of Time Dependent CP-asymmetries in Charmless Two-body B-meson Decays

270 KB PDF
Farrington, Sinéad M.

Univ. of Glasgow
Measurement of the B_s Lifetime from Semileptonic Decays: B_s -> D_s l nu X

350 KB PDF
Feligioni, Lorenzo

Boston Univ.


Beauceron, Stephanie

Wbb-bar Production at the D0 Experiment

1.4 MB PDF
Formaggio, Joseph

Univ. of Washington
MOON: A Next Generation Double-beta-decay and Solar Neutrino Experiment

1.1 MB PDF
Fu, Shaohua

Columbia Univ.
Search for First Generation Leptoquarks in the Dileptonic + Dijet Channel with the D0 Detector

430 KB PDF
Gao, Mingcheng

Columbia Univ.
Direct Search for Extra Neutral Gauge Bosons in the Dielectron Channel with the D0 Detector

No File Received
Gerberich, Heather

Duke Univ.
Study of Dielectron + Photon Production at CDF in Run II

440 KB PDF
Goldschmidt, Nathan

Univ. of Michigan
Measurement of the Helicity of W-bosons from Top Quark Decays at CDF

640 KB PDF
Golling, Tobias

Univ. of Bonn
Measurement of the tt-bar Production Cross Section using Lifetime b-tagging with the D0 Detector

3.4 MB PDF
Gomez-Ceballos, Guillelmo

W-pair Production Cross Section and W-branching Ratios at DELPHI

610 KB PDF
Groysman, Yuriy

Charmless B-decays

1.8 MB PDF
Hara, Koji

Osaka, Univ.
Time-dependent Analysis of B-decays at Belle

430 KB PDF
Hayward, Helen

Liverpool Univ.
Measurement of Z + gamma Production at CDF

350 KB PDF
Heeger, Karsten M.

Measuring theta_13 in a Reactor Neutrino Oscillation Experiment

2.7 MB PDF
Howcroft, Caius

Cambridge Univ.
Atmospheric Neutrinos at MINOS

5.8 MB PDF
Iijima, Toru

Nagoya Univ.
Development of New Particle Identification Devices for Future B-factory Experiments

4.9 MB PDF
Ikado, Koji

Waseda Univ.
High Mass Dielectron Pairs in the CDF Run II Data

390 KB PDF
Kim, Doris

Univ. of Illinois
Recent Semileptonic Physics Results from the FOCUS/E831 Experiment

590 KB PDF
Kulasiri, Ratnappuli

Univ. of Cincinnati
Search for B -> D_s* + h Decays with the Belle Detector

270 KB PDF
Legendre, Marie

CEA, Saclay
Study of CP-asymmetries in BABAR with Partial Reconstruction of B0 -> D*- pi+

No File Received
Li, Selina

Univ. of Minnesota
Studies of the D_sJ*(2317) and Observation of the D_sJ*(2463) at CLEO

900 KB PDF
Libby, James

Measurements of Rare Flavor Changing Neutral Current B-decays

1.4 MB PDF
Maravin, Yurii

Measurements of the W and Z Production Cross Sections at D0 using the Muon Decay Channels

2.3 MB PDF
Messina, Andrea

Univ. of Rome, La Sapienza
Studies of W + jets Events in Run II at CDF

260 KB PDF
Mohr, Brian

Study of the Performance of the CMS Endcap Muon Trigger

2.4 MB PDF
Mulhearn, Michael

A Direct Search for Dirac Magnetic Monopoles at CDF

No File Received
Nadolsky, Pavel

Nonperturbative Contributions in Transverse Momentum Resummation

260 KB PDF
Niebuhr, Carsten

H1 Upgrades for High Luminosity HERA Running

1.6 MB PDF
Ootani, Wataru

ICEPP, Univ. of Tokyo
MEG Experiment: A New Experiment to Search for mu -> e gamma at PSI

5.7 MB PDF
Orejudos, William

Run 2 Search for Long-lived Massive Charged Particles at CDF

120 KB PDF
Pascoli, Silvia

On the Connection Between Low-energy Leptonic CP-violation and Leptogenesis

No File Received
Perez Martinez, Aurora

ICIMAF, Havana
Quantum Instability of Magnetized Stellar Objects

2.3 MB PDF
Petyt, David

Univ. of Minnesota
Test-beam Measurements with the MINOS Calibration Detector

470 KB PDF
Pitzl, Daniel


No File Received
Ray, Heather

Univ. of Michigan
B-jet Tagging Efficiency in Run II at CDF

390 KB PDF
Recksiegel, Stefan

Tech. U. of Munich


Sumino, Yukinari

Tohoku Univ.
Fine and Hyperfine Splittings of Charmonium and Bottomonium. An Improved Perturbative QCD Approach

120 KB PDF
Rodriguez Lopez, Jairo Alexis

Univ. Nacional de Colombia
Bounds on Charged Higgs Boson in the 2HDM Type III

No File Received

1.2 MB PDF
Rott, Carsten

Purdue Univ.
Searches for the Supersymmetric Partner of the Bottom Quark using the CDF Detector at the Tevatron

220 KB PDF
South, David

Physics Results from H1

400 KB PDF
Strang, Michael

Univ. of Texas, Arlington
The Forward Proton Detector at D0

530 KB PDF
Tanimoto, Naho

Okayama Univ.
Measurement of W + gamma Production at CDF

300 KB PDF
Tonelli, Diego

INFN, Pisa
Branching Fractions and Direct CP-violation in the B -> h+h'- Decays at CDF II

310 KB PDF
Treccani, Michele

Univ. of Pavia
Higher Order Radiative Correction to Drell-Yan Processes at Hadron Colliders

280 KB PDF
Wang, Gensheng

Case Western Reserve University
Dark Matter Search with the CDMS Experiment

2.0 KB PDF
Wilson, Michael

Univ. of Cal., Santa Cruz
The D_s(2317), D_s(2457) and Limits on Neutral D-meson Mixing

340 KB PDF
Worcester, Matthew

Search for Like-sign Dileptons in the CDF Run I Data

370 KB PDF
Yamazaki, Yuji

The ZEUS Experiment at HERA

1.5 MB PDF
Yang, Un-Ki

Univ. of Chicago
Unified Approach for Modeling Neutrino and Electron Nucleon Scattering Cross Sections

510 KB PDF
Yu, Shin-Shan

Univ. of Pennsylvania
Measurement of Lambda_b Branching Ratios in Modes Containing a Lambda_c

310 KB PDF
Zeng, Qinglin

Colorado State Univ.
Recent Results from BABAR on Charmonium Production in B-decays

370 KB PDF
Zhu, Jun-Jie

Univ. of Maryland
Measurement of the W and Z Production Cross Sections at D0 using the Electron Decay Channels

550 KB PDF
Zwaska, Robert

Univ. of Texas, Austin
Status of the NuMI Project

3.9 MB PDF


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