There will be a computing facility in the ground floor of Robert Rathbun Wilson Hall for the use of workshop attendees. Notebook hookups and 802.11b wireless are planned. Commonly used applications(email, SSH, X-Windows server, MS Office) will be available on the desktop systems. A black/white and a color printer will be located at the computing facility.

There will be two rooms with 50(total) desktop computers available. A limited number of notebook connections will be provided in these rooms. A third room with tables and hookups suitable for notebooks will be located nearby. Wireless access will be available throughout Wilson Hall.

Two black/white laser printers are provided for the use of attendees, and one color printer. Paper and limited supplies of transparency material will be available at the email center.

Instructions for common connection types and the wireless will be available in the email center. How-to sheets for printing will be near the printer locations. Check these pages for posting of instructions closer to the conference.

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Compaq D510:
P4, 1.7 GHz, 40 GB HD, 512 MB RAM, DVD, 17 inch LCD monitors
Dell L667:
P3 667MHZ, 10GB HD, 128MB RAM, 17 inch CRT Monitors.

Installed Software

Windows 2000 SP4 128 Bit encryption
Office 2000
Publisher 2000
Web Browsers (Internet Explorer 6.02 , Netscape 4.78)
WRQ Reflection (X Emulator with Kerberos support) 10.00
F-Secure SSH (used for running secure terminal sessions with SSH compliant UNIX hosts) 4.3
Acrobat Reader 5.0
Norton Antivirus CE 7.51
Real Player 8.0
Windows Media Player 7.1
Citrix Client 6.0
Quick Time Player 5.02
Volo Viewer Express 171

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