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General Information for Authors/Speakers

Information for Oral Presentations

All talks at the Symposium are in plenary sessions in the Ramsey Auditorium of Fermilab. The start and end times of all talks are given in the Program web page. There will be 5 minutes at the end of each talk for questions and answers. Each talk will be webcast live on streaming video accessible via the Program web page. Every effort will be made to keep to the time schedule, and to better facilitate this, use of the speaker's own laptop for presentations cannot be accommodated. Electronic versions of talk slides should be sent in advance to be loaded onto the auditorium computer.

Speakers are encouraged to prepare their transparencies in electronic form so they can be projected using the auditorium video projector and auditorium computer. Although a traditional overhead projector will be available, projected slides will be most visible from the middle and back of the auditorium using the auditorium LCD video projector. Also slides in Landscape format appear far larger and thus far more visible than those prepared in Portrait format. The suggested document electronic format is PDF in Landscape. Technical suggestions and answers to common questions related to slide preparation can be found on a separate web page.

The web URL link to the electronic version of presentations (or the electronic file itself) should be sent to the Scientific Secretaries at lp2003_sci_secretaries@fnal.gov. This should be done as early as possible to ensure the file is fully compatible with the auditorium computer. At the latest the talk should be received the day before the talk so that they can be used in the streaming video webcast. In the event that this is not possible, the electronic file must be received the session before the talk to be used. Note that talk slides are not posted onto the Symposium Program web page until after the talk, though of course they could available at the live webcast streaming video link.

Information for Proceedings Contributions

The 2003 Lepton Photon Symposium proceedings will be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. in 11"x8.5" format. The Symposium proceedings will be published concurrently as a special issue of the (World Scientific) International Journal of Modern Physics A. Also, a less expensive paperback edition will be published for sale to individuals in developing countries. All speakers are invited to submit contributions to the proceedings. The maximum number of pages for each paper corresponds to 1 page for every 2.5 minutes.

The Symposium proceedings will be published in black and white. However full color versions of all papers will be available on our web site and will be included in a DVD-ROM to be packaged with each hardcopy of the Symposium proceedings. These will be mailed to registered attendees. In addition to the proceedings contributions, we plan to include on the DVD-ROM the streaming video for each of the talks at the 2003 Lepton Photon Symposium. We will also try to include the questions and answers at each presentation in as complete a form as possible.

In order for the proceedings to be useful, we will endeavor to have it published as soon as possible and hopefully by the end of 2003. We will however need the help of all authors, and we will need to omit presentations for which we do not receive a proceedings contribution by the deadline. We ask that you submit your contribution to the proceedings as early as possible and perhaps at the Symposium itself. There will be a proceedings help desk during part of the Symposium where you can request help on proceedings issues.

The proceedings submission deadline is October 15th 2003

Contributions to the proceedings should be submitted using the LP2003 Document Database. Alternatively contributions can be sent to the proceedings editors at lp2003_editors@fnal.gov. Note that besides a PostScript version of their paper, the authors are requested to submit the complete set of sources to the editors. This will ensure the best possible format for all versions of the the proceedings publications, (paper, DVD-ROM, web viewable and downloadable full version of the proceedings.) Specific instructions for authoring contributions to the proceedings can be found in a separate web page. This page also includes instructions on use of the LP2003 Document Database.

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