Sunday 13 February - Dinner reception and registration
  beginning at 6:30 pm, Aspen Meadows
  Monday 14 February Tuesday 15 February   Wednesday 16 February   Thursday 17 February Friday 18 February  
Flug Forum Top/EWK/SUSY I LHC   Forum: Global Science Projects - Chair: Fred Bernthal   Astro/Cosmo III B's I  
800 EWK Physics at the Tevatron: Pasha Murat Challenges of the LHC: Accelerator:   Lyndon Evans 800 Big Science Policy (USA): Pat Looney 800 HESS:  Conor Masterson Review on sin2phi1 and CPV in b-to-s Decays:  Osamu Tajima 800
830 Low Energy Electroweak Review:  Michael Woods Challenges of the LHC: Detectors:   Jos Engelen 830 Global Science: Brave New World: Michael Turner 830 Next Generation Neutrino Telescope: David Saltzberg Review of Rare B Decay Results from BaBar and Belle:  Frederic Blanc 830
900 Top Physics Review:  Michael Weber Challenges of the LHC: Computing:  Torre Wenaus 900 Global Science Projects: Albrecht Wagner 900 Baryogenesis: Carlos Wagner B Theory:  Iain Stewart 900  
930 Coffee Coffee 930 Coffee 930 Coffee Coffee 930  
1000 New Physics SUSY:  Else Lytken ATLAS/CMS Trigger Review @ Luminosity Benchmarks:  Sridhara Dasu 1000 Peter Rosen (via teleconference) 1000 Dark Matter from the Eds:  Geraldine Servant New Results from Belle:  Hirokazu Ishino 1000  
1030 Extensions of MSSM:  Puneet Batra Untangling New Physics at the LHC:  James Wells 1030 Panel Discussion: The Future of Global Science Projects 1030 UHECR:  Aaron Chou New Experimental Results BaBar: Chih-hsiang Cheng 1030  
Little Higgs:  David Kaplan
Going Higgs-less:  Sekhar Chivukula 1100 Lunch 1100 SNAP:  Gregory Tarle Lunch 1100  
Lunch 1130   1130 Lunch 1130  
SUSYII/QCD/Precision QCD  ILC/Cosmo/Theory   Cosmo II/Theory   Neutrinos B's II, K's, Last Words    
1630 Split-SUSY:   Jay Wacker ILC: The Physics: Howard Haber
1630 Gravitino Dark Matter: Shufang Su 1630 SNO New Results:  Joshua Klein B Physics in the LHC Era:  Tatsuya Nakada 1630  
1700 New Physics non-SUSY Tevatron:  Stefan Gruenendahl ILC: The Detector:  John Jaros 1700 BSM Theory II:  Hooman Davoudiasl 1700 MiniBooNE:  Hirohisa Tanaka Vus:  Edward Blucher 1700  
1730 QCD Theory:  Frank Petriello LC Machines:  Albert De Roeck 1730 AMANDA/Ice Cube:  Elisa Resconi 1730 Minos First Beam:  Jon Urheim Bs @ CDF/D0:  Wendy Taylor 1730  
1800 Coffee Coffee 1800 Adjourn 1800 Coffee Coffee 1800  
1830 QCD Tevatron:   Andrey Korytov Probing Dark Energy: SDSS and DES:  Josh Frieman 1830   1830 Neutrino Theory:  Olga Mena BSM III: John Gunion 1830  
1900 QCD HERA:  Rik Yoshida Cosmology Theory:  Lawrence Krauss 1900   1900 Neutrinoless Double beta Decay:  Carter Hall Intersecting D-branes, Fluxes & Realistic Particle Physics: M. Cvetic 1900  
1930 Diffraction Tevatron/LHC:  Konstantin Goulianos ILC Cosmology:  Mark Trodden 1930   1930   Strings: John Schwarz
2000     2000 Public Lecture - Dark Matter and Dark Energy: From the Universe to the Laboratory -  Sean Carroll  -  Paepcke Auditorium 2000 Conference Banquet featuring Kenneth Lane