2006 Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics Program, v1.8
"Particle Physics at the Verge of Discovery"  
12-Feb 13-Feb 14-Feb 15-Feb 16-Feb 17-Feb 18-Feb
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Arrival Chair: John Womersley Chair: Matthias Neubert Chair: Marcela Carena Chair: Sally Dawson Chair: Estia Eichten Chair: Greg Landsberg
8:00-8:30am First Results from Pierre Auger
Aaron Chou
New Physics in B-Decays
Gudrun Hiller
"Funding Future Findings"
Dawson, Dorfan, Oddone,
Roe, Ruchti, Shochet
LHC - Status of the Machine
Roger Bailey
Models of EW Symmetry Breaking
Maxim Perelstein
New Ideas
Gia Dvali
8:30-9:00am Tevatron Searches
Qizhong Li
Rare B-Decays and New Physics
Klaus Honscheid
LHC Phenomenology
Steve Mrenna
Electroweak Baryogenesis
Mariano Quiros
9:00-9:30am Top + EW Physics Theory
Laura Reina
Rare B-Decays from B-Factories
Henning Flaecher
Extra Dimensions: Phenomenology
Eduardo Ponton
SUSY Dark Matter
Csaba Balazs
Summary and Outlook
Paul Grannis
9:30-10:00am Coffee Break
10:00-10:30am Tevatron Top Physics
Andrew Ivanov
CP-Violation from B-Factories
Hiro Aihara
Tevatron for LHC
Michael Schmitt
On the Way to ILC
Shekhar Mishra
Searches for Dark Matter
Rick Gaitskell
End of the conference!
10:30-11:00am Tevatron EW/QCD Physics
Heidi Schellman
Progress in Heavy Flavor Theory
Thomas Becher
Physics at the ILC
Graham Wilson
Dark Matter: Lighting up the Stars
Alex Kusenko
11:00am-4:30pm Free time/skiing
Afternoon Chair: Paul Grannis Chair: Klaus Honscheid Chair: Fred Gilman Chair: Syd Meshkov Chair: Mirjam Cvetic
4:30-5:00pm New Results from HERA
Andrew Mehta
Status of CLEOc
Ian Shipsey
LHC - Status of the Detectors
James Rohlf
Neutrinos: Global Fits & Model Bldg.
Paul Langacker
Dark Energy: Obs. & Theory
Rachel Bean
5:00-5:30pm HERA for LHC
Roberto Carlin
New States Above Charm Threshold
Estia Eichten
LHC Physics with 1 fb-1
Robert McPherson
MiniBoone Results
Ion Stancu
Braneworld Gravity
Jose Santiago
5:30-6:00pm Coffee Break
6:00-6:30pm LHC: Total Cross Section
Martin Block
RHIC - Theory
Dmitry Kharzeev
Progress in Lattice QCD
Howard Trottier
First Results from MINOS
Niki Saoulidou
CMB Measurements
Jonathan Sievers
6:30-7:00pm Gamma-Ray Astrophysics
Loic Rolland
James Dunlop
Dinner (6:30-7:15)
Walk to Wheeler Auditorium
Reactor Experiments
David Reyna
String-Inspired Methods in QCD
Marcus Spradlin
7:00-7:30pm Reception Tevatron Heavy Flavors
Cheng-Ju Lin
Brian Cole
LHCb Experiment & Physics
Sheldon Stone
7:30-8:30pm Dinner Dinner Banquet
Tango Evening
Dinner in Aspen
7:30 - Public Lecture
"The Quantum Universe"
John Womersley