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Information on Company Booths

This page gives specific information on the opportunity for a company to contribute to the Lepton Photon 2003 Symposium by setting up a booth during part of the Symposium. More general information on the Symposium and sponsors can be found in the Hosts/sponsors page.

The Symposium experience can be enriched by the participation of companies with an interest in the Symposium mission. We recognize the importance of maximizing the interaction of company representatives with the Symposium participants. The booths will be located on the main floor of Wilson Hall right up from the Symposium auditorium and very near the Fermilab cafeteria and the area used for the Symposium Poster Sessions. Due to limited space only six booths will be made available for company booths.

Each company booth should be manned for part of, or all of the duration of the Symposium. (The maximum duration for the booths depend on the location as explained in the location section below.) Note that if the company representative(s) wishes to participate in the regular Symposium activities, they will need to register separately, if room is available. Please send inquiries to Harry Cheung.

Location of Company Booths

The company booths will be located on the first floor of Wilson Hall, the main building at Fermilab. Booths and will be located in the One East Conference room while booths to will be in the Atrium, just inside the front entrance and either side of Wilson Hall.

Wilson Hall Atrium Entrance East Atrium Entrance West Cafeteria looking towards 1-East 1-East Conference Room

Booths and will be available for use starting Monday 11th August, while booths to will not be available for use until Tuesday 12th August. In addition, booths and have some space constraints which might place additional restictions on the booth stand size and design. The locations of the booths are shown in the plan views of Wilson Hall for each day, also shown are other significant Symposium areas.

Company Booth Hours, Construction and Dismantling of Booths

The company booth hours are the same as the Symposium hours which are given below. Note that only booths and will be open on Monday 11th August.

Symposium/Booth Hours
Evening Event
Monday 11th
Booths and only
Welcome reception
Tuesday 12th
Concert or theater performance
Wednesday 13th
Free day in Chicago
Symposium dinner, Navy Pier, Chicago
Thursday 14th
Data Grid Session
Friday 15th
Public Lecture
Saturday 16th

Reasonable time for construction and dismantling of the company booths will be given to company representatives outside of the Symposium hours.

Inquiries on contributing to the Lepton Photon 2003 Symposium should should be sent to:

Harry W.K. Cheung
PPD/EPP M.S. 122,
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory,
Wilson Road, P.O. Box 500,
Batavia IL 60510-0500

Tel: (630) 840-8626 Fax: (630) 840-3867

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