Manuscript & Presentation Submission Instructions


All contributions properly presented at the conference are eligible for publication in the conference proceedings at the JACoW site.


Upload of contributions is via the SRF2011 Author Account.

The deadline for paper submission is the first day of the conference, Monday, July 25, 2011.


It is preferred that the submissions are ahead of the conference so that the papers can be processed by the JACoW technical editors. In this way any problems can be analyzed and discussed with authors upon their arrival at the conference, prior to moving on to a quality check of all successfully processed papers. The aim is to publish all contributions on the last day of the conference via the SPMS, with final publication at the JACoW site soon afterwards.

The successful processing of all contributions during the conference relies heavily on the collaboration of all authors. Since the JACoW editorial team is only available during the conference, any delay in receiving contributions will cause a delay in processing them, and will ultimately jeopardize swift publication on JACoW.

Submit only papers that are final and ready for publication. "Place holders" or "preliminary" versions waste the time of the editors and jeopardize early publication. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject such submissions.


Authors are encouraged to submit their papers, via their SPMS accounts, well before this deadline in order to avoid difficulties due to overloading of the system.




What to Submit


A properly formatted Word, OpenOffice or LaTeX document using the JACoW templates. (Currently is no page limit)


A PostScript file made from that document. Postscript printer drivers can be found at the following link:


Preferably, a separate file containing each original illustration in its native format.


Oral Presentation: PDF or PowerPoint of your slides for your oral presentation


Poster Presentation: PDF of the poster




Why do authors have to submit PostScript files and why are PDF files not accepted?

Most authors can generate PDF files,  however the standard is far from uniform and often they are not acceptable for the JACoW database because:


the compression settings are wrong

fonts are not embedded

JACoW scripting procedures to create the final publication set require a standard input


Most importantly, PDF files produced according to the JACoW recipe are PDF/X compliant, which is fundamentally important for the long term.

Therefore, it is imperative to submit a PostScript file and any PDF files submitted will be ignored. 
More information is given on the JACoW site.




What files should be provided?

Only files named according to the paper's program code can be uploaded via the system. ALL files used to produce the contribution must be uploaded, for example, for paper MOPO002, file names should be - the PostScript file (rename .prn files to .ps beforehand where necessary)

MOPO002.doc - the WORD source file, or

MOPO002.tex - the LaTeX source file, if LaTeX was used, or
MOPO002.odt - the source file, if OOo was used

MOPO002f1.eps - EPS file containing figure 1 (uploaded as "other supporting file")

MOPO002f2.tif - TIFF file containing figure 2 (uploaded as "other supporting file")

MOPO002_talk.pdf or MOPO002_talk.ppt - the file to be used for the oral presentation

MOPO002_poster.pdf - the pdf file of the poster



Once all files are ready for submission, login to your SRF2011 Author Account and


Ensure that the paper title and co-authors on the paper are identical to the paper title and co-authors entered into the SPMS. If this is not the case, click on the links "edit" or "authors" and update. SPMS data will be used for the production of the table of contents and author index of the proceedings.


Failure to enter all co-authors means they will be omitted from the author index.


Click on the file Upload link. Then:

    - submit the PostScript file

    - submit all of the source files (text and figures) needed to make the paper (be aware that large files may take some time to transfer).


Papers will undergo processing by the technical editors - using the PostScript files - from the deadline for submission, and authors will be able to check the result by logging into their SRF2011 Author Account. E-mail notifications of the processing status will also be triggered to primary (submitting) authors as processing is completed. During the conference an electronic display will show the status of your paper.




Editing Status

An electronic status display will be available at the conference. Please ensure that your submission has been processed successfully by checking your Paper ID on the display. A green status means that it has been processed successfully.

If you have any difficulties with document submission, please contact the Editor, Maria Power through the conference email address or during the conference, stop by the proceedings office.


Poster Session Location, Setup, & Teardown

The Poster Sessions will be held in the Sheraton Ballrooms 1, 2, and 3 on the Ballroom Level of the hotel.  Poster location assignments will be made at the time of installation at the hotel. The date assignment will be available at the JACow site once paper uploads are opened.


Posters may be installed the morning of your assigned poster session and taken down at the end of the session after 6:00 pm. Any poster not removed by 9 am the next morning will be removed and destroyed.


Your assigned poster number is the same number on your abstract.  The assignments will also be on display at the poster area.  Please mount your poster on the board labeled with that number.


Display Board Description

Panels will be assembled in rows of three, 4’ high x 8’ wide tack boards, allowing for the presentation on both sides of each board.   The actual display area for each poster is approximately 4’ high x 3’ wide (approximately the size of an A0 piece of paper).  Push Pins will be provided for mounting your posters to the board.  DO NOT USE TAPE OR ANY OTHER ADHESIVE MATERIAL to mount your poster to the display board. 


Preparation of the Posters

It is suggested that the posters be prepared so that they can be easily understood even in the absence of the presenter.

The general suggestions for preparation of the posters are provided below:


1. Legibility: The poster should be readable from a distance of at least 6'. Suggested sizes include: minimum graph size 10", section heading letters 3/4", and text and figure lettering no less than 3/8".


2.Heading: General heading label for each display area should include the title and the presenter's name and institution.


3. Titles:  All figures and tables should be titled.  The sizes, format, and number of the posters (beyond the heading) are left up to the discretion of the presenter.


4. Dimensions: The size of the poster is left to the discretion of the presenter. However, when mounting, remember don't plan to mount anything lower than waist height (30" above the floor).





Please note the following points when designing your poster:


- DO use large, easy-to-read letters.


- DO NOT paste-up typed pages from a paper.


- DO NOT clutter the poster with details.


- DO include clear figures and tables.


- Posters should be understandable - even in the absence of the author(s).



The preliminary proceedings will be available on the SRF2011 web site.
The final version will be posted on the JACoW site at
Questions concerning the proceedings may be addressed to the Proceeding Editor.