Paper Submission


Paper submission is now open

Original papers (not previously published or presented) from the field of Superconducting RF.


The scientific program will include invited talks, and poster sessions.


All abstracts are to be submitted identifying an invited oral or poster sessions. 


Since no contributions are accepted for publication only, any paper which is not presented at the conference will be excluded from the proceedings. Furthermore, the IPC reserves the right to refuse for publication work not presented in the poster or invited oral sessions.


The deadline for the submission of abstracts to SRF2011 is:
23:59 CDT (UT -0500), Sunday, May 15, 2011




PRST-AB SRF2011 special edition

In 2009 there was a special 14th International Conference on RF Superconductivity (SRF2009) PRST-AB edition. You may find this edition at .


Due to its success, we intend to have a PRST-AB SRF2011 special edition.  Information and instructions for submission to this special edition can be found at here.



Abstract Preparation and Submission

The deadline for the submission of abstracts to SRF2011 is:
23:59 CDT (UT -0500), Sunday, May 15, 2011



All contributions to SRF2011 will be managed using the JACoW Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS). All primary authors must own a profile and associated account within the JACoW Repository, prior to submitting an abstract. Use the link and follow the instructions to check whether you already own a JACoW profile and associated account. Create them if necessary.


Once logged into the SRF2011 SPMS, please check to confirm that the data in your JACoW profile is up to date, especially your e-mail address and affiliation. Do this by clicking on the Modify Your Profile link.


Submit your abstract(s) by clicking on the Submit A New Abstract link and following the instructions below. You can also click on the Instructions link on the abstract submission page to consult the step-by-step instructions.


Abstract Title
Enter the Abstract Title using initial capital letters for significant words. For example: "This is a Paper Title in Initial Capital Letters".


Presentation Type
Enter the Presentation Type - Poster or Invited Oral. The International Program Committee (IPC) has sent invtation letters for Invited Orals.


Main and Sub Classification
Enter the appropriate Main and Sub Classification to ensure correct placement within the conference program.


Abstract Text
Enter the Abstract text (cannot exceed 1200 characters). Greek characters, symbols, superscripts, subscripts, etc. must be avoided due to font encoding problems introduced by Web submission.


Enter the Footnotes (cannot exceed 200 characters). Intended for references to publications. Enter with a carriage return between each reference. Do not enter co-authors here.


Funding Agency
Enter the Funding Agency and/or contract supporting the work being presented (cannot exceed 200 characters). Carriage returns are not allowed. Do not use to request funding to attend the conference.


Check that everything is correct.


Click on Save Changes.


On the next SRF2011 Author List page, enter the co-authors.


It is important to enter the names of all co-authors and to designate their roles. You must indicate who would present the work should it be selected for oral presentation, or who is the primary author if the primary author is not the submitting author or presenter.


Note that when you enter co-authors, the JACoW SPMS system will search to see whether a profile/account already exists for the co-author. If it does not, you will have to create a profile for them. Please be extremely careful with your data entry as this profile will be added to the JACoW Repository. Co-authors properly entered in the SPMS will thus appear in the list of co-authors which will be included in the program booklet and in the author index of the proceedings.



The SRF2011 Author List page provides the functionality to:

  • Add co-authors by clicking on Add a New Author;
  • Designate their roles:

    - Owner/Submitting author (the person normally contacted regarding the program and conference organization);

    - Primary author;

    - Presenter/Speaker (the person who would present the poster/invited oral).

  • Assign multiple ordered affiliations to authors;
  • Remove authors.

Always click on Update to save changes.


It is important to remember to enter all co-authors. Failure to do so means that they will be excluded from the author index in the conference program booklet and in the proceedings.


When the author list is complete, click on Update and then click on Return to




Abstract List

The SRF2011 Abstract List page provides the functionality to:

  • Print an abstract;
  • Edit all previously entered fields of an abstract;
  • Edit the list of Authors; or
  • Withdraw an abstract.



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