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The talks presented during the conference may be found here.


The agenda for the 2nd workshop on the SCRF Technology and  Industrialization for the ILC is available here.

Boat Tour

On behalf of the local organizing committee for the 15th International Conference on RF Superconductivity, we invite you to take part in a 90 minute architectural river cruise of downtown Chicago on Wednesday, July 27, 2011. The tour boat will depart at 3:00pm.


The river tour includes all three branches of the Chicago river and highlights more than 53 historic and architecturally significant sites such as the Wrigley Building, the Tribune Tower, the Merchandise Mart, the Trump Tower, 333 W. Wacker Drive, the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower, River City, and Marina City, the Aqua, The Montgomery (formerly the world headquarters for Montgomery Ward), the Chicago Tribune printing press plant, and Goose Island.  The boat has outdoor viewing on the upper deck, as well as an air conditioned main deck.


The cost for the river tour is $26/person, and will be collected in cash on Sunday, July 24th during the conference registration.  We believe the conference attendees will find this very interesting and well worth the cost.


Please respond no later than Friday, July 15, 2011 if you would like to attend.  We apologize, but there is no guarantee that anyone who does not respond by July 15th will be able to take the tour. Also, any payments made at the boat entrance will not be at the SRF-2011 discounted rate.


Banquet Venue

The SRF 2011 banquet will be held at the Mid America Club at 7:00 P.M on Wednesday, 27th of July 2011. The Mid America Club is a spectacular venue located on the 80th floor at the Aon Center where it enjoys a wonderful panoramic view of the lake, Navy Pier, and the famous Chicago Skyline.


Directions to the club can be found here.


Please note: There is a dress code. Blue jeans are not allowed! Please carry a photo id with you for the banquet.


At 9:30 PM there will be a fireworks display at Navy Pier, which is only a short walk away.


The views from the 80th floor





Banquet Talk

On the wonderful occasion of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Superconductivity by Kamerlingh Onnes and the 50th anniversary of the start of RF Superconductivity, Hasan S. Padamsee will deliver a special talk popularizing the history of the development of RF superconductivity from inception to present times, and the promise of the future.


Hasan has been leading RF superconductivity developments at Cornell University for more than 35 years, where he has pushed the advances in accelerator technology for particle physics at the energy and luminosity frontiers. He was appointed Fellow of the American Physical Society in 1993. He has collaborated with a number of laboratories around the world including Fermilab, DESY and CERN. Among his many  publications are the first text book on RF Superconductivity, published in 1998 and a follow-on book just published in 2009, both by Wiley.