Muon Collider 2011

Physics — Detectors — Accelerators

June 27-July 1, 2011 — Telluride


Business Visits to the United States

Foreign nationals may visit the United States temporarily to engage in meetings, brief research benefitting their home institution or collaboration, signing agreements, attending conferences, workshops, "schools" or other events, and other activities, by entering the U.S. as a "Business Visitor". This is done either by entering with a B-1 visa (obtained from a U.S. Consulate) or using the Visa Waiver Program. Business visitor status does not permit you to be employed by a U.S. organization (i.e. receive a salary). If you need a visa, please indicate the need for an formal invitation letter on the Registration Form. Suzanne Weber will contact you requesting further information in order to prepare your letter of invitation. Details about applying for a visa can be found at Travel.State.Gov, a U.S. Department of State site that provides detailed information on visas.

The National Academies' Visa Questionnaire collects information on scientific mobility and the free flow of scientists. The data is used for the purpose of tracking trends and to assist visa applicants whenever possible. Please submit a questionnaire only if your case has been pending for more than 60 days. Please include "MCC2011" in the "Purpose of Visit" field on the questionnaire.