Muon Collider 2011

Physics — Detectors — Accelerators

June 27-July 1, 2011 — Telluride

Poster Session

There will be a poster session Thursday evening before the dinner (5:30-6:30).

3 x 4-foot boards will be available for poster display at the Conference Center. Posters can be mounted Monday morning and stay on display during the workshop.

A list of titles and presenters is shown below.

  1. Summary of HPRF Experiment Activity — Mukti Jana (FNAL)
  2. Study of Six Dimensional Muon Beam Phase Space Cooling in Helical Dipole Magnet — Katsuya Yonehara (FNAL)
  3. Beam Tuning Results at the MuCool Test Area — Ben Freemire (IIT)
  4. Light Emission in High Pressure Gas Filled RF Cavity — Giulia Collura (P. Torino)
  5. Muon beam from the new pion capture system, MuSIC — Akira Sato (Osaka U.)
  6. Charge separation for muon collider cooling — Robert Palmer (BNL)
  7. Six-dimensional bunch merging for muon collider cooling — Robert Palmer (BNL)
  8. Tapered six-dimensional cooling channel for a muon collider — Richard Fernow (BNL)
  9. Li-rod Cooling Scheme with Emittance Exchange — Timofey Zolkin (U. Chicago)
  10. Beam induced detector backgrounds at a muon collider — Stephen Kahn (Muons, Inc.)
  11. Adiabatic muon cooling channel with Li lenses and high field solenoids — Valeri Balbekov (FNAL)
  12. Bunch Merging in a Helical Channel — Cary Yoshikawa (Muons, Inc.)
  13. 0.4-1.5 GeV Linac for a Muon Collider — Kevin Beard (JLab)
  14. Improvements to the G4beamline Pillbox — Kevin Beard (JLab)
  15. Multipass muon RLA return arcs based on linear combined-function magnets — Vasiliy Morozov (JLab)
  16. Ionization cooling simulations in epicyclic twin-helix channel — Vasiliy Morozov (JLab)
  17. Magnetic Field Expansion Out of a Plane: Application to Cyclotron Development — Terry Hart (U. Mississippi)
  18. Physics validation for G4Beamline and Muon Collider Backgrounds — Aaron Morris (Northern Illinois U.)
  19. Muon Cooling and the Particle Refrigerator — Gene Kafka (IIT)
  20. Multi-purpose 805 MHz RF Cavity for Muon Accelerator Studies — Rolland Johnson (Muons, Inc.)
  21. Accelerators for Subcritical Molten-Salt Reactors — Rolland Johnson (Muons, Inc.)