Scientific Program Overview

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Working Groups and Conveners

  • WGA – Beam Dynamics in Rings
    J. Eldred (Fermilab), Wolfram Fischer (BNL), E. Metral (CERN)
  • WGB – Beam Dynamics in Linacs
    Yuan He (IMP), P. Ostroumov (FRIB), C. Plostinar (ESS)
  • WGC – Accelerator Systems
    M. Chung (UNIST), D. Wollmann (CERN), C.Y. Tan (Fermilab)
  • WGD – Commissioning and Operations
    M. Comunian (INFN/IFMIF), S. Cousineau (ORNL), S. Igarashi (KEK), Sheng Wang (IHEP)
  • WGE – Beam Instrumentation and Beam Interaction
    W. Blokland (ORNL), P. Forck (GSI), Naoki Hayashi (J-PARC, JAEA), Michiko Minty (BNL)