Invited Plenary Speakers

John GalambosORNL USA Operationally Integrated Approach to the SNS 2.8 MW Power Upgrade
Jeffrey EldredFermilabUSAStatus and Recent Developments at the Fermilab Accelerator Complex
Ryoichi MiyamotoESS EUESS Linac Commissioning Planning, Status and Preliminary Results
Oliver Boine-FrankenheimGSIEUHigh Intensity Beam Dynamics Preparations for FAIR
Hideaki HotchiJ-PARC Japan1 MW  J-PARC RCS Beam Operation
Yuan HeIMPChinaCiADS Project: Next Phase and Linac Commissioning Results
Stefano RedaelliCERNEUHL-LHC: Project Status and Beam Dynamics Challenges
Ferdinand WillekeBNLUSABeam Physics Challenges of EIC