Paper Preparation and Submission

Dear HB2021 authors,

HB2021 being a live, though purely virtual event, a number of adjustments are in order.
After discussions, the JACoW editorial team for HB2021 has agreed that a variety
of material will be accepted.

Authors may upload poster PDFs, talk slides (PPTX, PDF) and talk videos (MP4, M4V, etc).
We kindly ask that you make efforts to minimize the size of these files.
File naming conventions and rules for papers remain unchanged and may be found
on the JACoW web site. They are summarized here for your convenience.

Word, Open Document Format and LaTeX are accepted. The first two are
compound document formats containing all graphics so the source file is sufficient.
For LaTeX submissions, all referenced files (graphics, bibliographic records, etc.) must
be uploaded as well. The rules for file naming are as follows:

<paper_id>.TeX/.DOCX/.ODFpaper source file
<paper_id>-fx.jpg/.png/etc supporting graphic files
<paper_id>.pdfpaper – pdf version
<paper_id>_poster.pdfposter – pdf version
<paper_id>_talk.pdfslides in pdf format
<paper_id>_talk.pptxslides in pptx format
<paper_id>_talk.mp4/m4v/etcpresentation/poster video

SPMS is aware of allowed file types. An incorrect selection will result in an informational error message.

Papers for all contributions (plenary and working group invited oral as well as poster presentations) may be up to 5 pages excluding the references, i.e. references could occupy a sixth page. Authors are strongly advised to use the current JACoW templates. We ask that you pay careful attention to the formatting of references and citations.

When downloading a template, please ensure that it corresponds to the version of software you are using. The templates contain styles which, when applied, will automatically ensure correct typesetting and layout. Do not edit or modify documents on different platforms or with different versions of Word on the same platform.

Authors are reminded that papers not presented by one of the authors at the workshop will be excluded from the proceedings. Authors must upload to the  HB2021 workshop SPMS  the material  they wish to be archived into the proceedings. This applies not only to the papers, but also to material already uploaded to Indico.

Please upload all contributions by October 17, 2021. Later submissions may be declined.