Invited Working Group Speakers

WGA – Beam Dynamics in Rings

Titletime [min]SpeakerAffiliationRegion
Theory and Design of Optical Stochastic Cooling20V. LebedevFNALAmerica
Ion beam emittance growth caused by space-charge
force of electron bunches
20 S.SeletskiBNLAmerica
Development of first injection-painted
self consistent beams in ring
20 A. Hoover ORNLAmerica
Effect of space charge on bunch stability
and space charge compensation schemes
20 A.OeftigerGSI Europe
Impact of power supply ripple on the beam
performance of the Large Hadron Collider
and the High-Luminosity LHC
20 S.Kostoglou CERNEurope
Transverse damper and stability diagram20 S.AntipovDESY Europe
Beam instability issue and feed-back
system in the MR of J-PARC
20 T.Toyama Spring8
Space-charge particle resonances and mode parametric resonances20Dong-O JeonRAONAsia
Recent results and experiences with nonlinear Paul trap20J.FlowerdewOxfordEurope

WGB – Beam Dynamics in Linacs

Titletime [min]SpeakerAffiliationRegion
Envelope instabilities and their mitigation
in high intensity hadron beams
15Ji QiangLBNLAmerica
H-minus and light-ion Linacs upgrade plan for production of critical isotopes at BNL15 D. RapariaBNLAmerica
MYRRHA-MINERVA linac status and commissioning15A. Gatera SCK CENEurope
Beam physics for the SPIRAL2 linac commissioning15A.OrduzGANILEurope
Mitigation of 4th order resonance and envelope instability by beam angular momentum15Yoo-Lim CheonUNISTAsia
Beam acceleration with the upgraded
RIKEN heavy-ion linac
15 T.Nishi RIKENAsia

WGC – Accelerator Systems

TitleTime [m]Speaker AffiliationRegion
Proposal of a 1A-class deuteron single-cell linac15 H.Okuno RIKENAsia
First experience of crystal collimators during
LHC special runs and plans for the future
15 M.d’Andrea CERNEurope
Muon Production Target Developments
for PSI’s High Intensity Proton Accelerator
15 D.Kiselev PSI Europe
First experience with Nb3Sn accelerator magnets15G.Ambrosio FNALAmerica

WGD – Commisionning and Operations

TitleTime [m] SpeakerAffiliationRegion
Slow Extraction Operation at J-PARC Main Ring
Study on the injection beam commissioning and painting methods for CSNS/RCS15 Mingyang HuangIHEP Asia
Acceleration of the high current deuteron beam through
the IFMIF-EVEDA RFQ: confirmation of the design beam dynamics performances
15 L.BellanLNL INFNEurope
Commissioning of the ESS Front End15Natalia MilasESSEurope
Status of FRIB Commissioning15P. OstroumovFRIBAmerica
Optimizing Performance of a the SNS High Power SCL15Andrei ShishloORNLAmerica

WGE – Beam Instrumentation and Beam Interaction

TitleTime [m]SpeakerAffiliationRegion
Optical Stochastic Cooling: Diagnostics and technologies15J.JarvisFNALAmerica
Application and studies of the injection foil at SNS15N.EvansSNSAmerica
Fast switching and signal processing techniques for
co-propagating unequal bunch length beams
15R.Hulsart BNLAmerica
Test of machine learning at LINAC415V.KainCERNEurope