Safety Training

Training Classes

Students will require certification in a number of fields in order to participate in the laboratory tracks. Some training will be completed ahead of time, online, by the student. Other training must be done in person and will be provided on Monday, Mar 5, 2018. More details, including step-by-step instructions will be provided to the students once they are accepted. Training will include the following courses:

  • Radiological Worker (2 Parts)
  • Radioactive Source Training
  • Fermilab Controlled Access
  • Facility Hazard Awareness

To Complete Training

  1. Students should log into their Individual Training Plan by clicking on this link.
  2. Once navigated to a page which is titled
    Individual Training Plans
    Students should enter their Fermi ID number in the field indicated.
  3. Students should then see a table similar to the one below:
    Course Code Course Title Complete
    Due Date Status Class Code
    PDFTBF01 / CB  FTBF Hazard Awareness Training
    03/01/2018  New Requirement
    FN000311 / CR  Fermilab Controlled Access
    03/01/2018  New Requirement
    FN000048 / CR  Radioactive Source Training (CR)
    03/01/2018  New Requirement
    FN000470 / CR  Radiological Worker – Classroom
    03/01/2018  New Requirement
    FN000471 / OJ  Radiological Worker – Practical Factors
    03/01/2018  New Requirement
  4. For each class click on the link in the Course Code column.
    1. Read the Referance Materials
    2. If the text:
      An Online Version of the Test is Available for this Course
      appears, follow the button below it to Go to Online Test.
  5. Repeat the above steps for
    1. FTBF Hazard Awareness
    2. Radiological Worker – Classroom
    3. Fermilab Controlled Access
    4. Radioactive Source Training