Participants can use their own laptops on site, but are subject to the Fermilab computer security rules.

Anyone conducting work at the Laboratory or using the Laboratory’s computing resources (including the network) must register his or her hardware address.

Visitor computers brought onsite which apply for a temporary DHCP address will be scanned and must demonstrate the same level of computer security required for all lab machines. Please turn OFF any peer to peer software you have – for music downloads etc. If this software is on you will get blocked and won’t be able to access the internet. The easiest way to ensure a machine is secure is to run an operating system with up-to-date patches and current virus signatures. For machines found to have critical vulnerabilities, there will be a physical network connection near the helpdesk (in the E-Mail Center, ground floor of Wilson Hall) that visitors can connect to and download patches from their vendor or university. This connection will not have internal access to the Fermilab network but will have access to the internet.

Note that only those critical vulnerabilities identified on the following web page will cause a system to be denied a temporary address:

Machines with non-critical vulnerabilities (anything not on the above list at the time of connection) will be granted a temporary address and you will receive email notification with instructions describing how to remediate the remaining vulnerabilities.

More detailed information on computer security at Fermilab, including how to permanently register your laptop for wireless connection for an extended stay will be made available to students once they are accepted.