February 13 - 24, 2012

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

EDIT 2012 Location


The 2012 symposium of Excellence in Detector and Instrumentation Technologies (EDIT 2012) will be hosted by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, IL, USA. View Larger Map

No Smoking

Illinois state law prohibits smoking inside all buildings, or within 15 feet of any entranceway.


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is the largest National Physics Lab in the United States, and the flag ship of the US High Energy Physics program. It is located about 40 miles west of Chicago, IL, bordered by 5 cities; Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, Warrenville, and West Chicago.

The lab consists of 6,800 acres (27.519km² or 10.625 miles²) of woodlands, grasslands, and award-winning wetlands and prairie restoration. A standing herd of American bison symbolizes Fermilab's presence at the frontiers of particle physics--and the connection to our prairie frontier heritage. Visitors to the lab can also spot deer darting from the woods, flocks of Canada geese nestling on ponds or filling the skies, and all manner of birds and wildlife.

Of the 16 fundamental subatomic particles that are known so far, three have been discovered at Fermilab: the bottom quark (1977), the top quark (1995) and the tau neutrino (2000).


O'Hare International Airport handles more passengers than any other airport in the world. For visitors needing information or directions, airport information booths are located on the lower levels of the domestic terminals and on the upper and lower levels of the International Terminal. A foreign currency exchange is located on the lower level of the International Terminal. O'Hare is located about 36 miles (55 minutes) from Fermilab.

Midway Airport is located at 5700 Cicero Avenue, 43 miles (about 1 hour) from Fermilab. The one-building airport is divided into three terminals, A, B and C. The main lobby at the airport’s center entrance is where the information booth and all vehicle pick-up services are available.

Transportation from both airports to Fermilab is available by taxi/limo, (see items below for more details) 43 O'Hare, 51 Midway

Driving Directions

Fermilab's main entrance is located at the intersection of Kirk Road and Pine Street in Batavia, Illinois, about 45 miles West from Chicago. No matter which direction you're driving from (N,S,E,W), eventually take I-88, the east-west toll way, toward Aurora (toll road) to the North Farnsworth exit. Turn north onto Farnsworth. Farnsworth becomes Kirk Road. Follow Kirk Road, 2.9 miles, to Pine Street. Turn right on Pine Street, the Main Entrance to Fermilab. Follow the road, stopping to present identification to the security checkpoint. Registration will be at Wilson Hall, the High Rise, the tallest building in the prairie.

How to Enter Fermilab

First time visitors to the lab should enter through the Pine street entrance. All entering vehicles must stop at the security checkpoint and present a photo ID, such as a passport or US Driver's License. National Lab IDs are also acceptable.

Required Documentation

All Accepted Participants will be required to obtain a Fermilab visitor ID badge.

US Citizens

U.S. Citizens must bring a government issued photo ID and evidence of medical insurance.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals must bring their valid, un-expired foreign passport, I-94 card, and any other documentation associated with your visit to the U.S., such as your visa, I-20, DS-2019, EAD (Employment Authorization Document), I-797 Approval Notice, or LPR card, as appropriate. Selected candidates can be provided with an invitation letter that may facilitate their application for a US visa upon request.

All foreign nationals who will have a Fermilab ID must have a designated, certified host. Hosts help the Users’ Office in complying with DOE requirements for documenting foreign visits and assignments. Hosts must be certified, and receive annual training to maintain their certification. The hosting program has been established to satisfy DOE contract requirements. The program is under the supervision of the Chief Operating Officer of the Laboratory. If you are in need of a host contact the EDIT 2012 Committee Chair.

Visa Information

Visa Application Guidance (PDF)

Application Form

Template Host Institution Letter (doc)

Room & Board

For more information about housing, restaurants, and traveling around site, see the Accommodations page.

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Important Dates:

  • Event dates: February 13 - 24, 2012
  • Application Deadline: November 6, 2011
  • Slide Submission Deadline: Jan 13, 2012

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February 13 - 24, 2011
EDIT 2012 The 2012 EDIT symposium will be hosted by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, IL, USA. EDIT 2012 is the second in a new series of international symposiums, devoted to exposing young researchers to hands-on experience with detector and instrumentation technologies.
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