Plenary Lectures

Each morning, students will be bussed from the hotel to Wilson Hall, Fermilab. At the beginning of each day (8:30 a.m.) there will be a 1 hour lecture presentation from scientists who are experts in various detector technologies.  This will include:

  • History of Particle Detection – Dave Nygren, University of Texas
  • Photo-detectors – Nepomuk Otte, Georgia Tech
  • Noble Element Detectors – Michelle Stancari, Fermi National Accelerator Lab
  • Gaseous Detectors – Andrey Korytov, University of Florida
  • Nuclear Processes – Kate Scholberg, Duke University
  • Superconducting Detectors – Erik Shirokoff, University of Chicago
  • CCD’s – Steve Holland, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Silicon Tracking Detectors – Sally Seidel, University of New Mexico
  • Data Acquisition Systems – Martin Purschke, Brookhaven National Lab
  • Medical Imaging – Chin Tu Chen, University of Chicago
  • Neutron Detection – Zhehui (Jeph) Wang, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Calorimetry – Dan Green, Fermi National Accelerator Lab
  • History of Mid-West Particle Detection – TBD
  • The Future of Detectors – Marcel Demarteau, Argonne National Lab

See the Indico Timetable here.