Helpful Links

Below are helpful links and documents related to Events and Conferences. All are accessible with a Fermilab Services account.

  • Event Approval System
    • SharePoint site where all Fermilab-hosted events must be submitted, approved, and tracked. The events to be captured in the approval system include, but are not limited to, conferences, workshops,
      reviews, club meetings, and arts & lecture events.
  • Events Policy
    • Policy which outlines the requirements for all Fermilab events and defines the
      appropriate usage of FRA facilities (or its associated resources) for on-site events.
  • Procedures and Guidelines for ConferencesĀ 
    • Defines, outlines, and communicates the process for hosting a
      meeting, workshop, school, conference in accordance with the August 2015 Memorandum from
      the Deputy Secretary of Energy.