International Workshop on Future Hadron Colliders:
Physics, Detectors, Machines

Program: October 16-18, 2003 -1West Auditorium

Final, with links to talks.

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THURSDAY, October 16,  2003
session chair: Chris Quigg  
08:00 Registration  
08:30  Welcome   Mike Witherell (FNAL)
08:35 Workshop goals, etc.
08:45 HEP Future & Hadron Colliders Sekhar Chivukula (MSU) 
09:30 Theory Overview Tao Han (Wisconsin)
10:15 Coffee break  
session chair: Joe Lykken  
10:45 Supersymmetry at Future Hadron Colliders Ian Hinchliffe  (LBL)
11:20 Little Higgs  at Future Hadron Colliders Graham Kribs (Princeton)
11:55 Extra Dimensions at Future Hadron Colliders Gian Giudice (CERN) 
12:30 lunch  
session chair: Hugh Montgomery  
13:30 Strong Dynamics  at Future Hadron Colliders Ken Lane (BU)
14:05 Monte Carlo Tools for Future Hadron Colliders Michelangelo Mangano (CERN)
14:40 VLHC Accelerator Peter Limon (FNAL)
15:30 Coffee break  
session chair: John Mariner  

Accelerator Technology Seminar

"LARP and the LHC IR Upgrade"

 Steve Peggs (BNL) 
18:00 Social hour  at Users Center  
19:00 Banquet at Chez Leon  

FRIDAY, October 17, 2003


session chair: Karl Jacobs  
08:00 Registration  
08:30 Physics at an Upgraded LHC Albert de Roeck (CERN)
09:15 The SLHC Experimental Program Jim Rohlf (BU) 
10:00 Coffee break  
session chair: Jeff Appel  
10:30 SLHC calorimeter Jim Freeman (FNAL) [remotely]
11:00 SLHC trigger/DAQ Andy Lankford (UCI)
11:30 SLHC tracking issues Regina Demina (Rochester)
12:00 SLHC muon detection Frank Taylor (MIT)
12:30 lunch  
session chair: Slawek Tkaczyk  
13:30 Physics Motivation for a VLHC Fabiola Gianotti (CERN)
14:15 VLHC Experiments: Overview Dmitri Denisov  (FNAL) 
14:45 VLHC Triggering ideas Jay Hauser (UCLA)
15:15 break  
session chair: Marcela Carena  

Joint Theoretical and Experimental Seminar

"A Roadmap for Colliders"

Sally Dawson (BNL)

SATURDAY, October 18


session chair: Michelangelo Mangano  
09:00 Radiation Issues at SLHC and VLHC IR, two Nikolai Mokhov (FNAL)
09:30 Compositeness Ulrich Heintz (BU)
09:50 Exotic Physics Tom Rizzo (SLAC)
10:15 Coffee break  
session chair: Young-Kee Kim  
10:45 Sphalerons and Future Hadron Colliders Andreas Ringwald (DESY) 
11:10 Higgs Physics at a SuperLHC and a VLHC David Rainwater (DESY)
11:30 Extra Dimensions Satya Nandi (OSU)
11:45 lunch  
session chair: Keith Ellis  
12:45 Thoughts about a VLHC Bill Foster (FNAL)
13:15 Future Colliders and Cosmology  Michael Turner (NSF)
13:45 Experiment/Accelerator Summary John Womersley (FNAL)
14:30 Workshop Summary Guido Altarelli (CERN) 
15:15 Adjourn