What is needed to Publish at BIW06

These items are required when you arrive at BIW06 on Monday morning 5/1/06.

  • The paper source in MS-Word. If you have not submitted your document to the BIW papers website then you must have the source for the document when you arrive. No LaTex documents will be accepted. The title of the document should be your last name "name001.doc" where a second paper would be "name002.doc". The format of this document should use the AIPs 6X9" format.

  • A PDF electronic file of your paper(s)

  • A printed PDF file of your paper(s) that is set to AIP guildline for 6X9" format. This is needed to verify that your electronic copy will look like your printed copy.

  • A printed and signed copy of the "Transfer of Copyright Agreement" Your paper cannot be published without this signed document.

  • A printed and signed copy of the "Request for Permission to Reprint Published Material" if you have cited any previously published material.  THIS IS VITAL! Your paper cannot be published unless you have permission for all cited papers.