Abstract submission is now Closed for BIW06.

If you have any questions regarding how BIW06 paper submission occured send mail to the Editor

Rules used for BIW06 paper submission

Creating a User/Author Profile

Create a Profile at:


This form appears just like the JACOW Profile form, but since BIW is not currently a JACOW member you must create a separate BIW06 profile.

To create a new profile, click on button "Search for a Profile, Create a Profile/Account" in the lower half of the page. This leads you to the "Finding a Profile" page. Enter your Family name in the top box, leave the email address box empty, and click on "Search". The next page then gives you the opportunity to "Create a New Profile".

Fill in all required information (red labeled fields) on the new profile form and click "Submit" button. If successful you will see a page with a "Continue" button. Clicking on that will display a summary of your profile information. From top of that page you can "Logout" or go "Home".

Submitting or Editing an Abstract or Paper

From "Home" or after logging into your account from http://appora.fnal.gov/pls/biw06/profile.html, you are presented with options (bottom of page) "Submit A New Abstract" and "Modify Your Profile", and (top of page) "Logout", "Home" and "Search". If you have already submitted an abstract you will also have the option to edit that.

When submitting an abstract you must choose Presentation Type. Unless you know that you have been asked to provide a Tutorial or Invited Oral, please choose Poster or Contributed Oral. Contributed Oral talks are scheduled to be 15 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions.

Note that abstracts should not exceed 1200 characters. Footnotes are limited to 200 characters and as are affiliation and funding agency references.

Abstract deadline is March 22 and paper deadline is first day of Workshop, May 1.