Booth Description

For this particular poster session, panels will be assembled in both a freestanding "Y" configurations, and as separate panels. The actual available display area is approximately 3' wide x 4 high.  To mount your posters onto the board, use only the Velcro dots provided.  DO NOT USE TAPE OR ANY OTHER ADHESIVE MATERIAL.   It is important that this be strictly followed, because the panels are designed for use with Velcro only and can be damaged easily.

Preparation of the Posters

The general suggestions for preparation of the posters are provided below:

    1. Legibility:  The poster should be readable from a distance of at least 4' (1.2 m).  Suggested sizes include: minimum graph size 10" (25cm), section heading letters 3/4" (2cm), and text and figure lettering no less than 3/8" (1cm).
    2. Titles: All Figures and tables should be titled.
    3. Dimensions: The size of the poster is to be no greater that 36(w)X48(h), (91cm (w) x 122cm(h)).


Please note the following points when designing your poster:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Tom Meyer at (630)840-5193 or by e-mail at .