Symbolic Problem Solving
Session III
Symbolic Techniques for Feynman Diagrams

Wednesday October 18, 2000 - 01:45  - 03:15 PM

Curia II

Chair: Dmitry Shirkov

Abstract #


SPS301 Optimization of symbolic evaluation of helicity amplitudes
Abstract             Slides              Paper
V.A. Ilyin, A.E. Pukhov, P. Cherzor
SPS302 A Feynman Diagram Analyser DIANA
Abstract             Slides              Paper
M. Tentyukov, J. Fleischer
SPS303 Calculation of two-loop selfenergies in the Standard Model
Abstract             Slides             Paper
J. Fleischer, O.V. Tarasov
SPS304 The tensor reduction and master integrals of the two-loop massless on-shell crossed box
Abstract              Slides              Paper
C. Oleari

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