Workshop on Applications of High Intensity Proton Accelerators

October 19-21, 2009
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL, USA

Working Groups

Charge to Working Groups

Fermilab is developing the design of a High Intensity Proton Linac (Project-X) to support future High Energy Physics Programs. The purpose of the workshop is to explore the possibility of diversifying and maximizing the utilization of the proposed upgrade of the Fermilab accelerator complex and/or utilizing technology developed by Project X for non-High Energy Physics applications.

The workshop is divided into five working groups focused on High Energy Physics (WG1: Neutrino, Rare Muon and Kaon Physics; WG2: Muon Collider and Neutrino Factory), Nuclear Energy Applications (WG3: SRF Linac driven subcritical systems; WG4: SRF Linac driven subcritical core) and WG5: Nuclear and Material Science and Materials Production. An accelerator working group WG6 will capture all the requirements to the SRF Linac for Project-X arising from the needs of the other groups.

The present requirement parameter tables for all of these possible applications of the Project-X linac are diverse. The working groups are charged to examine the required parameters in light of the Project-X Linac design and associated upgrades. It is important that the working groups work together to identify where possible common parameter sets for the SRF Linac of Project-X. The WG should organize only ~½ of their allocated time for presentations, including joint sessions and leave the other half for discussions. The discussions should be structured and organized ahead of time. The Program committee will work with the Working Group co-chairs in organizing joint working group sessions and have Project-X scientific staff available for discussions.

The Working Group Summary should have the desired parameter set and possible acceptable variations. We would like to get a written report from the WG chairs.


  • •WG1: SRF Linac for Neutrino, Muon and Kaon Physics
    Charge– Investigate the use of a multi megawatt proton linac for neutrino, muon and kaon physics.
  • •WG2: SRF Linac for Muon Collider and Neutrino factory
    Charge—Investigate the use of a multi megawatt proton linac to target, phase rotate and collect muons for muon collider and neutrino factory.


  • •WG3: SRF Linac driven subcritical systems (ADS)
    Charge—Work out the parameters of a proton linac that is suitable for ADS applications. Investigate pulse structure, beam power, accelerator reliability issues.
  • •WG4: SRF Linac driven subcritical core
    Charge—Examine target issues, reactor design options, feedback to the accelerator, core safety issues, core power.

    Nuclear and Material Science and Material Production:

  • •WG5: Nuclear and Material Science and Material Production
    Charge—Investigate the use of a high intensity proton accelerator for nuclear and material science and material production. Investigating the issues of radiation hardness. Specific areas to be addressed are neutrino factory targetry, ADS Reactor interface. Survey the existing knowledge of materials and their radiation hardness.


  • •WG6: Project X SRF Linac parameter working group
    Charge—Investigate common accelerator parameters with WG1-WG5.
Organized by: University of Illinois at Chicago | Fermilab | Illinois Institute of Technology | Argonne National Laboratory | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Northern Illinois University | Northwestern University | Fermi Research Alliance, LLC | University of Chicago