Workshop on Applications of High Intensity Proton Accelerators

October 19-21, 2009
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL, USA

Welcome to the Workshop on Applications of High Intensity Proton Accelerators home page

Recent advances in superconducting rf technology have made possible the construction of high-intensity proton accelerators (10 Milliamp current or higher) at energies exceeding 1 GeV. Fermilab is developing a design of a High Intensity Proton Linac (Project-X) to support future High Energy Physics Programs. The workshop proposes to bring together researchers working in areas as diverse as

  • Production of high intensity proton beam for Neutrino, Muon and Kaon Physics ,Muon Collider and Neutrino Factory
  • Accelerator based solutions to Nuclear Energy and Transmutation of waste including Accelerator Driven Subcritical Systems
  • Nuclear and Material Science and Material Production

Fermilab's future accelerator R&D program is focused on SRF Linac for Project-X, ILC, and any future machine. The present design of the Project-X linac is to provide 2 MWatt of pulsed beam power at 8 GeV. The workshop will cover topics related to challenges in the design of high-power CW and pulsed linear accelerators, targetry as well as design of systems to collect pions to achieve muon beams leading to a neutrino factory. The workshop is timed to enable the design of Project-X and other projects (SPL,...) to give due consideration to these future upgrade possibilities.

The proposed workshop is to focus ONLY on SRF Linac approaches and how it can be used (or have enough design hooks) for future accelerator applications. We want to discuss this in the light of our present program.

We encourage you to register and make your travel plans early as the number of rooms we have reserved in the local hotel is limited.

We look forward to seeing you in Fermilab.

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