NNN12 Poster Session


Workshop Vision

The primary purpose of this series of workshops is to discuss future detectors for research on neutrino physics and nucleon decays. Following the successful format of the previous workshops, the workshop will consist of invited plenary talks, a small number of contributed talks, and posters, addressing the topics below.

Poster Reception

The NNN 2012 poster session will be held on Thursday Oct 4th from 6-8pm. Poster presenters should plan to have their posters set up before 5pm on Thursday on the 2nd floor cross-over in Wilson Hall. Posters should be no larger than 34" wide x 44" long (size E paper). Refreshments will be served.

Displayed Posters

  1. Dr. Matt Wetstein
    Large Area Picosecond Photosensors for Large Cherenkov Applications
  2. Dr. Lluis Marti Magro
    Status of the EGADS R&D project for GADZOOKS!
  3. Dr. Hidekazu Tanaka
    Hyper-Kamiokande Detector Design
  4. Paul Hinrichs
    The Daya Bay Antineutrino Detectors
  5. Michael McFarlane
    Observation of Electron Antineutrino Disappearance at Daya Bay
  6. Prof. Karsten Heeger
    Opportunities for a Very-Short Baseline Reactor Experiment in the US
  7. Dr. Benton Pahlka
    Spectral Characterization and Modeling of Wavelength Shifting Fibers
  8. Dr. Benton Pahlka
    The Liquid Argon Purity Demonstrator
  9.  Dr. Tingjun Yang
    The Long-Bo project in the Liquid Argon Purity Demonstrator
  10. Dr. Thomas Strauss
  11. Mr. Martin Richardson
    Muon-induced background for LAr TPC
  12. Durga Rajaram
    Progress of MICE, the International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
  13. Aria Soha
    Fermilab Test Beam Facility
  14. Dr. Mathew Meuther
    NOvA Construction Status
  15.  Mr. Enrique Arrieta Diaz
    Calibration and Reconstruction in the NOvA Detectors
  16. Dr. Gavin Davies
    Neutrino Physics with the NOvA Detectors
  17. Arturo Fiorentini
    Title unknown at the moment
  18. Christoph Rudolf von Rohr
    The Argontube detector: First results of the 5m drift TPC

Submitting a Poster

Posters must be submitted by September 18, 2012. Submit your poster here.

Event News

Poster & Talk Submission has been extended!
Online Registration is now Closed, but can be done in person upon arrival.
  • Poster & Talk Submission Deadline: Sept 28, 2012
  • Registration Deadline: Sept 26, 2012
  • International LBNE Symposium: Oct 3, 2012
  • Workshop Dates are Oct 4 - 6, 2012
  • CPM2012: Oct 11 - 13, 2012


  • Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors
  • October 4-6
  • Poster
  • The 2012 international workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors will be hosted by Fermilab, in Batavia, IL, USA. NNN12 is the 13th annual workshop in a rotating series to gather scientists from around the world to discuss future detectors for research on neutrino physics and nucleon decays.
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