NNN12 Organizing Committees



For more information about the 2012 NNN workshop contact nnn12_local@fnal.gov

Local Organizing Committee

  • Gina Rameika (Fermilab) (co-chair)
  • Karsten Heeger (U Wisconsin) (co-chair)
  • Steve Brice (Fermilab)
  • Cat James (Fermilab)
  • Albrecht Karle (U Wisconsin)
  • Bryce R Littlejohn (U Wisconsin)
  • Jennifer Raaf (Fermilab)
  • Erik Ramberg (Fermilab)
  • Brian Rebel (Fermilab)
  • Peter Shanahan (Fermilab)
  • Sam Zeller (Fermilab)
  • Wei Wang (William & Mary)
  • David Webber (U Wisconsin)
  • Aria Soha (Fermilab)
  • Cynthia Sazama (Fermilab)
  • Suzanne Weber (Fermilab)

Steering Committee

  • Chang Kee Jung (SUNY)
  • Takaaki Kajita (ICRR)
  • Stavros Katsanevas (IN2P3)

Program Advisory Committee

  • Dario Autiero, IPNL Lyon
  • Flavio Cavanna, University of L'Aquila/Yale University
  • Doug Cowen, Penn State University
  • Milind Diwan, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Franz von Feilitzch, TU Munich
  • Raj Gandhi, Harish Chandra Research Institute
  • Georgio Gratta, Stanford University
  • Patrick Huber, Virginia Tech
  • Kunio Inoue, Tohoku University
  • Soo-Bong Kim, Seoul National University
  • Young-Kee Kim, Fermilab
  • Takashi Kobayashi, KEK
  • Yury Kudenko, Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow
  • Cecilia Lunardini, Arizona State University
  • Marvin Marshak, University of Minnesota
  • Bob McKeown, William and Mary/JLAB
  • Mark Messier, Indiana University
  • Rabindra Mohapatra, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Naba Mondal, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
  • Masayuki Nakahata, ICRR, University of Tokyo
  • Koichiro Nishikawa, KEK
  • Thomas Patzak, Universite Paris Diderot (APC)
  • Andre Rubbia, ETH Zurich
  • Nigel Smith, Snolab
  • Yoichiro Suzuki, ICRR, University of Tokyo
  • Jenny Thomas, University College London
  • Yi-Fang Wang, Institute of High Energy Phyiscs (IHEP), Beijing
  • David Wark, Imperial College London/RAL
  • Bob Wilson, Colorado State University

Event News

Poster & Talk Submission has been extended!
Online Registration is now Closed, but can be done in person upon arrival.
  • Poster & Talk Submission Deadline: Sept 28, 2012
  • Registration Deadline: Sept 26, 2012
  • International LBNE Symposium: Oct 3, 2012
  • Workshop Dates are Oct 4 - 6, 2012
  • CPM2012: Oct 11 - 13, 2012


  • Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors
  • October 4-6
  • Poster
  • The 2012 international workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors will be hosted by Fermilab, in Batavia, IL, USA. NNN12 is the 13th annual workshop in a rotating series to gather scientists from around the world to discuss future detectors for research on neutrino physics and nucleon decays.
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