GEANT4 tutorial sessions will take place at Fermilab on October 27th-29th, 2003.
They will be held at the training center located on the right side of  Road A-1,
one mile North of Wilson Hall. See map for directions.

The tutorials will be video streamed "live". The video files  will also be available for you to download approximatelly a month after the event. You will be able to access this information from the Fermilab Visual Media web pages

 GEANT4 is a detector simulation toolkit for HEP that uses modern  software
engineering and object-oriented programing techniques.  It is the official tool to
simulate the CMS and ATLAS detectors, among many other applications.The
tutorials will be taught by Collaborators from SLAC and will be aimed at novice and
middle level users. The classes will consist of lectures and hands-on  demos. For more
information on Geant4, please visit the collaboration web page at

Please take a look at the Info for Participants, General Information, and Registration
(no fee) for more details on this event.  Of particular importance are the items on
Fermilab Site Access
, and Computer Equipment required to take full advantage of
the tutorial sessions. We hope to see you at Fermilab in October.

                                 The GEANT4 tutorial organizers