Very Large Scale Computing
Session I

Monte Carlo and Simulation Tools

Monday October 16, 2000 - 02:00 - 03:30 PM


Chair: Edward Boos

Abstract #


VLSC101 CompHEP-PYTHIA interface: integrated package for the collision events generation based on exact matrix elements
Abstract             Slides              Paper
V.A. Ilyin, A.E. Pukhov, A.N. Skachkova
VLSC103 Integration of GRACE and PYTHIA
Abstract             Slides             Paper
K. Sato, S. Tsuno, J. Fujimoto, et. al.
VLSC104 Parton shower method for QED radiative correction
Abstract             Slides             Paper
Y. Kurihara, J. Kurihara, T. Ishikawa, et. al.
VLSC105 Algorithm for Computing Exited States in Quantum Theory
Abstract             Slides             Paper
X. Luo, H. Jirari, H. Kroger, et. al.
VLSC106 Simple Scaling for Faster Tracking Simulation in Accelerator Multiparticle Dynamics
Abstract              Slides              Paper
J. MacLachlan
VLSC107 Adaptive Mesh Simulations of Astrophysical Detonations Using the ASCI Flash Code
Abstract             Slides              Paper
B. Fryxell, M. Zingale, F. Timmes, et. al.

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