We are pleased to announce the first in a series of workshops to consider the physics, detectors, and accelerator challenges associated with a next-generation hadron-hadron collider.

The goals of the workshop: to bring together physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and policy makers in order to begin to identify the physics opportunities and the technical challenges of an energy and/or luminosity upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider facility at CERN and the creation of a Very Large Hadron Collider.


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International Advisory Committee:
Guido Altarelli (CERN)
Roger Cashmore (CERN)
Fabiola Gianotti (CERN)
Paul Grannis (SUNYSB)
Karl Jakobs (Univ. of Mainz)
Peter Limon (Fermilab)
Hugh Montgomery (Fermilab)

Francesco Ruggiero (CERN)
Albrecht Wagner (DESY)
Mike Witherell (Fermilab)
Edward Witten (Princeton Univ.)
John Womersley (Fermilab)

Organizing Committee :
Ulrich Baur (Univ. of Buffalo)
Raymond Brock (Michigan State Univ.)
Gian Giudice (CERN)

Christopher Hill (Fermilab)
Paris Sphicas (CERN/Athens)

Nicole Gee (Fermilab)
Carol Picciolo (Fermilab)
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