Workshop on Confidence Limits
27-28 March, 2000
Fermilab 1-West Conference Room

Information for Speakers

It is assumed that all participants at this workshop have some practical experience in statistical data analysis, that they have been (or intend to be) involved in setting confidence limits, and that they are aware of the fact that there are situations where elementary statistical procedures give misleading results. The workshop is devoted mainly to the consideration of the problems which arise precisely in these difficult cases.

Speakers should assume that participants have only read some of the suggested reading, and they should take account of the fact that some of these papers are rather complicated, and not all participants will be as familiar with the arguments as the speakers are.

Since there will be no proceedings for this meeting, it would be extremely useful for speakers to send electronic copies of their presentations to for inclusion into this WEB site. A single PostScript file or PDF file are the preferred formats, however contributions in any reasonable electronic format will be gratefully accepted.

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