Workshop on Confidence Limits
27-28 March, 2000
Fermilab 1-West Conference Room

Final Program

[ as of Friday, 24-Mar-2000 ]

  • All sessions take place in the 1-West conference room of on the ground floor of Wilson Hall.
  • TBA: to be announced

Monday March 27, 2000

8:30 Registration materials pickup (East side opposite of 1-West conference room due to art display)
9:00 Welcome from Mike Witherell, Fermilab Director
9:10 First session, chairman: Gary Feldman
9:10 Louis Lyons Review of CERN Workshop
10:00 Fred James How to choose foundations
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Second session, chairman: John Womersley
11:00 Harrison Prosper The Revd Bayes and solar neutrinos
11:45 Jim Berger Convergence of objective Bayesian and frequentist methodology for confidence limits
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Third session, chairman: Al Goshaw
14:00 Jim Linnemann Sensitivity of Bayesian upper limits to signal and nuisance priors
14:45 Mark Kruse Incorporating systematic uncertainties in confidence limits
15:05 Kaori Maeshima Setting limits in CDF particle searches
15:25 Fred James Reply
15:40 Coffee break
16:10 Fourth session, chairman: Mike Albrow
16:10 Bill Murray CL_s and LEP Higgs search
17:00 Rajendran Raja Limits and errors on limits
17:20 Ilya Narsky Comparison of upper limits
17:40 End of afternoon sessions
19:00 Casual Workshop dinner

Tuesday March 28, 2000

9:00 Fifth session, chairman: Mike Shaevitz
9:00 Bob Cousins Comments on the likelihood-ratio ordering for confidence intervals and on other methods
9:55 Wolfgang Rolke Confidence intervals and upper bounds for small signals in the presence of noise
10:20 Mark Messier Super-K and Feldman-Cousins
10:40 Tom Kafka Atmospheric neutrino interactions in Soudan 2: A Feldman-Cousins case study
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Sixth session, chairman: Harry Cheung
11:30 Richard Schnee CDMS limits and compatibility with DAMA
11:55 Steve Yellin Finding an upper limit in the presence of unknown background
12:20 Byron Roe Search for a confidence limit methodology
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Seventh session, chairman: Fred James
14:00 Gary Feldman Multiple measurements and parameters in the unified approach
14:35 Bill Murray Combination of limits at CERN
14:55 Herb Greenlee Combining CDF and D0
15:15 Glen Cowan Workshop Summary
15:45 End of workshop

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