Workshop on Confidence Limits
27-28 March, 2000
Fermilab 1-West Conference Room

Practical Information

Workshop Secretariat


How to get to Fermilab

The nearest airports to Fermilab are Chicago O'Hare and Chicago Midway. Directions from these airports and information on transportion and housing maybe obtained in the general Fermilab visitor's Web page.

Entrances to Fermilab

The two main entrances to Fermilab at Pine Street and Batavia Road are open to the public daily until 8pm. Please use the visitor's gate if you do not already have a Fermilab user's pass. In case of problems please use the call button to the communications center located at the gate.

Workshop Check-In procedure

Please check back here for information on check-in on the morning of March 27th. You should collect your name badge to show you have registered.

Workshop Location

All the workshop sessions will take place in the 1-West conference room, located on the west side of the ground floor of Wilson Hall. Note that the registration desk for name badge pickup is on the opposite (east) side due to the art display.


On-site housing as well as a wide choice of off-site accommodation is normally available. Please check the Accommodations Web page.


We have made a reservation at a local Spanish tapas restaurant for people interested in having dinner together on monday night. People are welcome to participate at their own expense. A sign-up sheet will be posted on monday morning. Please sign up before lunch so we can get the correct numbers.

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