Artificial Intelligence
Session I
Online Applications of Neural Networks

Tuesday October 17, 2000 - 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM


Chair: Jose Seixas

Abstract #


AI101 Momentum reconstruction of particles in the forward muon trigger system of the ATLAS detector
Abstract             Slides              Paper
G. Dror, H. Abramowicz, E. Etzion, et. al.
AI102 The neural network first level trigger for the DIRAC experiment
Abstract             Slides             Paper
S. Vlachos
AI103 Intelligent preprocessing for Neural Network in the H1experiment
Abstract              Slides              Paper
JC.Prévotet, B.Denby,P.Garda, et. al.
AI104 An electronic system for simulation of neural networks with a micro-second real time constraint
Abstract              Slides              Paper
E. Chorti, B. Granado, B. Denby, et. al.
AI105 A neural network trigger for heavy quark studies
Abstract             Slides             Paper
V. Papavassiliou

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