Innovative Software Algorithms & Tools
Session I
Online Monitoring and Controls

Monday October 16, 2000 - 02:00  - 03:30 PM

1 West

Chair: Leo Michelotti

Abstract #


ISAT101 Tailorable Software Architectures in Accelerator Physics Research
Abstract              Slides            Paper
I. Mejuev, A. Kumagai, E. Kadokura
ISAT102 Online Modeling of Accelerators and Beamlines at Fermilab
Abstract              Slides             Paper
E. McCrory, L. Michelotti, J. Ostiguy
ISAT103 A Software Tool for the Online Analysis and Monitoring of the HADES Spectrometer
Abstract             Slides             Paper
P. Finocchiaro, D. Vasiliev
ISAT104 A Beamline Matching Application based on Open Source Software
Abstract              Slides             Paper
J. Ostiguy

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