19th International Workshop
on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos
October 6th to 11th

The International Workshops on Weak Interactions and Neutrinos have been organized regularly for the past 30 years at venues in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States, with the last Workshop taking place in New Zealand, January 2002. These Workshops offer the physics community a significant opportunity to assess the status of major topics within the field and initiate collaborative effort to address current challenges. The Workshops attract leading experimentalists and theorists, from all over the world, who take advantage of the occasion to work with colleagues on common problems. In many cases the efforts initiated at these Workshops result in completed projects that are published in international journals. These projects have sometimes proven to be major breakthroughs such as the MSW effect, which was first discussed at the WIN85 meeting in Finland.

Date and Venue: The Workshop will take place at the Harbor Shores Hotel in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin from 6th – 11th October 2003. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is sponsoring the conference. Arrival day will be Sunday, 5th October and the last day will be Saturday, 11th October, with sessions ending early in the afternoon after the Summaries.

Format: This year’s Workshop will give increased time to the working groups. There will be one full day of plenary status reports on the major topics:

Working Group 1 - Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
Working Group 2 - Neutrino Physics
Working Group 3 - Weak decays, CP violation and CKM

This will be followed by three days devoted to working groups on the same major topics. The structure of the working group sessions will focus on discussion and collaborative effort. The last, shortened, day will be spent on summaries of the activities of the three working groups.

Fee: The Workshop fee of US $275 will cover morning and afternoon coffee breaks and other infrastructure costs of the Workshop, mainly computing and networking costs. It also covers the distribution of a CD with transparencies presented at the Workshop. Please note that the Workshop will be limited to 120 participants.