Tesla Technology Collaboration Meeting at Fermilab



TESLA Technology Collaboration (TTC) Meeting at Fermilab
Hosted by SMTF and FRA (Fermilab) with Participation of STF (KEK)

April 23-26, 2007



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The meeting will be organized by the TTC, with participation of
SMTF (Fermilab) and STF (KEK)

  Mission of the TTC Meeting, Fermilab:

     The mission of the TESLA Technology Collaboration is to advance SCRF technology R & D and related accelerator studies across the broad diversity of scientific applications, and to keep open and provide a bridge for communication and sharing of ideas, developments, and testing across associated projects. Besides other activities the TTC organizes regular collaboration meetings where new developments are reported, recent findings are discussed and technical issues are concluded.

     For the Fermilab meeting, the following Working Groups (WG) are planned:

  • WG1 Module issues (XFEL, KEK design, ILC, DESY module tests)
  • WG2 Summary EP, new treatment infrastructure
  • WG3 Test facilities: Operating experience, new proposals
  • WG4 Input & HOM coupler
    A tentative program can be found at this program web site.

    In pursuit of the mission, the collaborators from the three regions are holding joint meetings, one every six months, hosted on a rotating basis. Previous meetings have been held at KEK in September, 2006, at DESY in April, 2006, at Frascati in December, 2005, at DESY in March/April, 2005, and at Fermilab in October, 2004. Meeting links are available at this meetings list site.