Symposium in Celebration of the

Fixed Target Program
with the Tevatron

June 2, 2000

After seventeen productive and exciting years, fixed target running with the Tevatron has come to an end.

On June 2 we shall mark the end of the Tevatron fxed-target era, with a one-day symposium celebrating the physics, the technology, and the people who were a part of the program. The celebration will also look ahead to a future program with the new Main Injector.

In lieu of proceedings, we are putting together a commemorative book, including a section on each experiment that ran in the Tevatron era.

Registration form

There is no registration fee, but if you register by May 19, there will be a copy of the commemorative book for you at the Symposium.

List of registered participants (pdf)


9:00 am Session I-Convener: Jeff Appel

Getting to the Tevatron
Leon Lederman, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy & Illinois Institute of Technology

Theoretical Questions during the Tevatron Era
Jonathan Rosner, University of Chicago

10:10 am Break

10:35 am Session II-Convener: Chuck Brown

Evolution of Tevatron Accelerator and Experimental Technologies
John Peoples, Fermilab

Physics, Detectors, and the Rest in the Tevatron Hyperon and Kaon Programs
Bruce Winstein, University of Chicago

11:45 am Lunch

1:15 pm Session III-Convener: Peter Cooper

Physics of the Heavy Quark Program
Jussara Miranda, Centro Brasileiro de Pesguisas Fisicas

Physics of the Muon and Neutrino Programs
Heidi Schellman, Northwestern University

2:25 pm Break

2:50 pm Session IV-Convener: Herman White

Studies of High PT and High Mass Phenomena
Paul Slattery, University of Rochester

Summary of Where We Are and What Lies Ahead for Fixed Target at Fermilab
Michael Witherell, Fermilab

4:00 pm Celebration in the Atrium of Wilson Hall

Organizing Committee:

Jeff Appel (Chair), Chuck Brown, Janet Conrad, Peter Cooper, Cat James,
Andreas Kronfeld, Craig Moore, Patti Poole, Cynthia Sazama, Herman White

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Created 13 March 2000 --- Andreas Kronfeld
Updated 26 May 2000