The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss experimental, phenomenological and theoretical progress in high energy diffractive interactions. Small-x phenomena in the nucleon and large rapidity gaps in general will be covered, as well as relevant cosmic ray interactions.

Organizing Committee

Mike Albrow (Fermilab, USA) Chair.
Christophe Royon (Saclay, France) Chair.
Alan White (Argonne, USA) Chair.
Maxine Hronek (Fermilab, USA) Administrator
Andrew Brandt (UTA)
Jochen Bartels (Hamburg, Germany)
Malcolm Derrick (Argonne, USA)
Walter Giele (Fermilab, USA)
Konstantin Goulianos (Rockefeller, USA)
Wlodek Guryn (Brookhaven, USA)
Joey Huston (Michigan, USA)
Larry Mc Lerran (Brookhaven, USA)
Risto Orava (Helsinki, Finland)
Jose Repond (Argonne, USA)
Alberto Santoro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)