InterLab 06

InterLab 2006

Guest Speakers

   Tutorial: October 24, 2006
Workshop: October 25-27, 2006

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, Illinois USA

Keynote Speakers

InterLab 06's keynote speakers are from the academia as well as industry experts.

Jennifer Goldbeck - University of Maryland, College Park

Jennifer will be presenting "Social Networks, the Semantic Web, and the Future of Online Scientific Collaboration". This presentation is organized in conjunction with the Fermilab Colloquium talks that are given every Wednesday at 4:00pm

Nicole Burton - Usability Specialist

Nicole will be presenting "Using the New Research-Based Usability Guidelines Book"

Larry Mead - Microsoft Consulting Services

Larry will be presenting "Enterprise Project Management"

Kevin Munday - Xenomedia