InterLab 06

InterLab 2006

Abstract Submission

   Tutorial: October 24, 2006
Workshop: October 25-27, 2006

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Batavia, Illinois USA

Abstract Submission is closed

InterLab 06 Presentation Tracks

This year we would like to encourage informal presentations and discussion on web related issues that you have come across in your laboratory as they might be of general interest.

To give you some ideas we listed below four presentation/discussion tracks. It is not necessary though that your presentation falls under them. You are more than welcome to present the web related issues/solutions/etc that pertain to your lab.

The general Web track: This is the main track of the conference of what InterLab has traditionally been.

The Information Management, Cyber Security and Government Compliance track: This is new for InterLab 06.

The Technical / Systems track: This track will focus on the administration of web sites and servers.

The Showcase track: This is where people get to show off some of the cool things they've done.