Workshop on the Future of Higgs Physics

May 3-5, 2001
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Batavia, Illinois


This is a 3 day workshop designed to attract theorists and experimentalists interested in Higgs physics, who are gearing up for the Snowmass study, or whose input and expertise will aid in building a strong Snowmass effort. It is essential that Fermilab and the entire HEP community play a strong role in this process. We will recruit speakers representing the ongoing TESLA and NLC Orange Book efforts, as well as speakers knowledgeable about the ongoing Tevatron, LHC, and muon collider Higgs studies. Participation will be open to all, and we will especially encourage participation by the Fermilab community. Participants from distant sites are encouraged to exploit our synergy with the PHENO 2001 symposium scheduled for May 7-9 in Madison.


To be held at Fermilab, May 3-5, 2001. The workshop will begin at 9 a.m. on Thursday and end at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. The morning sessions will be plenary, with most of the afternoon sessions reserved for working group meetings and discussion. A wine and cheese reception will be provided on Thursday evening. The number of participants will be limited to the capacity of 1 West. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Fermilab directorate, there will be no registration fee.

Confirmed speakers include:

Pushpalatha Bhat (FNAL)
David Cline (UCLA)
Klaus Desch (Hamburg U.)
John Ellis (CERN)
Keith Ellis (FNAL)
Jack Gunion (UC Davis)
Howard Haber (UCSC)
Chris Hill (FNAL)
Karl Jakobs (Mainz U.)
Jesus Marco (CSIC)
Michael Peskin (SLAC)
Andre Turcot (BNL)
Morris Swartz (Johns Hopkins U.)
Rick Van Kooten (Indiana U.)
Mayda Velasco (Northwestern U.)
Georg Weiglein (CERN)
Dieter Zeppenfeld (U. Wisconsin)
Peter Zerwas (DESY)

Organizing Committee:

Marcela Carena (FNAL, chair)
John Conway (Rutgers U.)
Henry Frisch (U. Chicago)
Andreas Kronfeld (FNAL)
Heather Logan (FNAL)
Joseph Lykken (FNAL)
Frank Merritt (U. Chicago)
Stephen Parke (FNAL)
David Rainwater (FNAL)
Michael Schmitt (Northwestern U.)
Slawek Tkaczyk (FNAL)
Andre Turcot (BNL)
Mayda Velasco (Northwestern U.)
Carlos Wagner (ANL/U. Chicago)
Scott Willenbrock (UIUC)
John Womersley (FNAL)
Dieter Zeppenfeld (U. Wisconsin)

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A quick review of prospects for Higgs physics at future colliders

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