HCP 2008 5/27/08-5/31/08 PROGRAM Fri May 23 16:54:45 CDT 2008
08.00-10.00 Registration

5/27/08 Tuesday Morning : S1 Top Physics

Session chair: Dmitri Denisov
10.00-10.15 S1.1 Tevatron status and prospects, Pier Oddone, (Fermilab)
10.15-10.45 S1.2 Top quark: Theory, Eric Laenen (NIKHEF)
10.45-11.15 S1.3 Top quark mass and cross section results from the Tevatron, Ford Garberson (UCSB)
11.15-11.30 Break
11.30-11.50 S1.4 Top quark properties, Catalin Ciobanu (LPNHE/University of Paris 6)
11.50-12.10 S1.5 Single Top Production at the Tevatron, Ann Heinson (UC-Riverside)
12.10-12.40 S1.6 Top quark physics at the LHC, Akira Shibata (NYU)

5/27/08 Tuesday Afternoon: S2 Standard model (QCD /Electroweak)

Session chair: Young-Kee Kim
2.30-3.00 S2.1 W/Z properties at the Tevatron, Emily Nurse (UCL, London)
3.00-3.30 S2.2 Theory of W/Z + jets (or hf) , NLO, John Campbell (Glasgow)
3.30-4.00 S2.3 Experimental studies of W/Z+jets, and W/Z+heavy flavor at Tevatron, Christopher Neu (Penn)
4.00-4.30 Break
4.30-5.00 S2.4 Di-boson production at Tevatron, Ia Iashvili (SUNY, Buffalo)
5.00-5.30 S2.5 W mass measurement at the Tevatron, Ilija Bizjak (UCL, London)
5.30-6.00 S2.6 Electroweak physics at the LHC, Kajari Mazumdar (Tata)

5/28/08 Wednesday morning: S3 QCD, Diffraction and Heavy Ions

Session chair: Hugh Montgomery
08.30-09.00 S3.1 Parton distributions: the impact of HERA, Kunihiro Nagano (DESY)
09.00-09.30 S3.2 QCD, Tevatron results and LHC prospects, Daniel Elvira (Fermilab)
09.30-10.00 S3.3 Theory: QCD for the LHC, Fabio Maltoni (Louvain)
10.00-10.30 S3.4 Experimental results on Diffraction, Pierre Van Mechelen (Antwerp)
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-11.30 S3.5 Theory: Heavy Ion collisions, Derek Teaney (Stonybrook)
11.30-11.50 S3.6 Jet modification at RHIC, Marco van Leeuwen (Utrecht))
11.50-12.10 S3.7 Heavy flavor physics at RHIC, Vince Cianciolo (ORNL)
12.10-12.30 S3.8 Heavy Ion Physics at the LHC, Paolo Giubellino, (Turin)

5/28/08 Wednesday Afternoon: Half-day.

5/29/08 Thursday Morning:

07.30-08.30 International Advisory Committee Meeting

5/29/08 Thursday Morning: S4 B Physics

Session chair: Douglas Glenzinski
08.30-09.00 S4.1 Theory: B physics theory for hadron colliders, Gerhard Buchalla (Munich)
09.00-09.30 S4.2 Results and prospects for 5S running at B-factories, Alexey Drutskoy (Cincinnati)
09.30-10.00 S4.3 Mixing and CP violation at Tevatron, Gustaaf Brooijmans (Columbia University)
10.00-10.30 Break
10.30-11.00 S4.4 B-hadron properties (including lifetimes), Mark Hartz (Pittsburgh)
11.00-11.30 S4.5 Rare decay physics at the Tevatron, Brendan Casey (Fermilab)
11.30-12.00 S4.6 B-physics prospects at LHC, Alessio Sarti (Frascati)
12.00-12.30 S4.7 Theory: Status of constraints on SUSY, Ayres Freitas (Pittsburgh)

5/29/08 Thursday Afternoon: S5 New Phenomena

Session chair: Dieter Zeppenfeld
2.30-3.00 S5.1 Beyond the SM models at the Tevatron and LHC, Maxim Perelstein (Cornell)
3.00-3.30 S5.2 SUSY searches at the Tevatron, Todd Adams (Florida)
3.30-4.00 S5.3 Other BSM searches at the Tevatron, Shin Shan Yu (FNAL)
4.00-4.30 Break
4.30-5.00 S5.4 BSM Higgs searches at the Tevatron , Frank Filthaut (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
5.00-5.30 S5.5 SUSY search at LHC, Oleg Brandt (Oxford)
5.30-6.00 S5.6 Other BSM searches at LHC, Dimitri Bourilkov (Florida)
5/29/08 Evening: Conference Dinner

5/30/08 Friday Morning: S6 LHC Experiment Status

Session chair: Dan Green
08.30-09.00 S6.1 Commissioning of ATLAS, Juergen Thomas (Birmingham)
09.00-09.30 S6.2 Commissioning of CMS, Luca Malgeri (CERN)
09.30-10.00 S6.3 Commissioning and prospects for early physics at LHCb, Stephane Monteil (IN2P3)
10.00-10.30 Break
11.00-11.30 S6.4 Commissioning of Particle ID with early LHC data, Tetiana Hryn'ova (CERN)
11.30-12.00 S6.5 Early SM measurements and determination of SM background for searches, Stephanie Beauceron (CERN)

5/30/08 PM Friday Afternoon: S7 Electroweak Symmetry breaking

Session chair:Ludwik Dobrzynski
2.00-2.30 S7.1 Theory:Higgs boson production and decay , Dieter Zeppenfeld (Karlsruhe)
2.30-3.00 S7.2 Low mass SM Higgs search at the Tevatron, Richard Hughes (Ohio State)
3.00-3.30 S7.3 High mass SM Higgs searches at the Tevatron, Gregorio Bernardi (Univ. of P. and M. Curie.Paris)
3.30-4.00 Break
4.00-4.30 S7.4 SM Higgs searches at the LHC , Maiko Takahashi (Imperial College)
4.30-5.00 S7.5 Theory: Higgs boson beyond the SM (alternate EW breaking scenarios), Spencer Chang, (NYU)
5.00-5.30 S7.6 Higgs properties and BSM Higgs searches at the LHC , Wolfgang Mader (Dresden)
5/30/08 Evening: Reception and poster session

5/31/08 Saturday morning S8 Machine Status, Summaries and Prospects

Session chair: Keith Ellis
08.30-09.00 S8.1 Commissioning and prospects for early physics ALICE, Paul Kuijer (Utrecht)
09.00-09.45 S8.2 Status of LHC Machine and plans for sLHC , Peter Limon (Fermilab)
09.45-10.15 S8.3 Grid Computing and results of data challenge, Ruth Pordes (Fermilab)
10.15-11.00 S8.4 Upgrade plans for the LHC experiments, Daniela Bortoletto (Purdue)
11.00-12.00 S8.5 Workshop summary, Paul Tipton (Yale)

12.30 Buses depart for O'Hare