Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations have a duration of 20 to 30 minutes including 5 minutes for questions. Please check the synoptic table to find out the duration assigned to your talk.

Authors are required to upload their electronic presentation to the file server through their HB2020 JACOW account no less than 12 hours prior to the scheduled presentation time.

For oral presentations, a Windows-based laptop will be provided. Files should be in pdf, ppt or pptx format; other formats cannot be accommodated. There will be no slide projector or overhead projector. There will also be no opportunity for speakers to utilize their own computers. All oral contributions will be assigned a program code. The file name of the talk should begin with the program code, followed by ‘_talk’. File extensions should be of the usual self-describing type:

  • MOXAP07_talk.ppt (PowerPoint), or
  • MOXAP07_talk.pdf (Portable Document Format).

Authors submitting PowerPoint presentations are kindly asked to upload their talk in PDF format as well, for inclusion into the Proceedings.

Authors who are unable to upload to the server should copy their file to a memory stick and bring it to the Proceedings Office at the Workshop venue at least one day before their talk. Please be aware that different platforms and versions of software will display differently. If authors wish to see how their talk will display on the Workshop hardware/software prior to the designated presentation time, they must do so in the room designated to that effect no later than one day ahead of the presentation time.