Invited Speakers

Operationally Integrated Approach to the SNS 2.8 MW Power Upgrade J. Galambos ORNL (USA)
Status and Recent Developments at the Fermilab Accelerator ComplexJ. EldredFermilab
ESS Linac Commissioning Planning,
Status and Preliminary Results
R. MiyamotoESS (EU)
High Intensity Beam Dynamics Preparations for FAIROliver Boine-FrankenheimGSI (EU)
1 MW  J-PARC RCS Beam Operation Hideaki HottchiJ-PARC (Japan)
CiADS Project: Next Phase and Linac
Commissioning Results
Yuan HeIMP (China)
HL-LHC: Project Status and Beam Dynamics ChallengesS. RedalliCERN (EU)
Beam Physics Challenges of EICF. WillekeBNL (USA)