Artificial Intelligence
Session II
Applications in Data Analysis I

Wednesday October 18, 2000 - 01:45  - 03:15 PM


Chair: Sotrios Vlachos

Abstract #


AI201 Selection of W-Pair-Production in DELPHI with Feed-Forward Neural Networks
Abstract              Slides              Paper
K. Becks, P. Buschmann, J. Drees, et. al.
AI202 Search for Electroweak Single Top Quark Production at DZero Using Neural Networks
Abstract             Slides             Paper
L. Dudko
AI203 An Hybrid Training Method for Neural Energy Estimation in Calorimetry
Abstract              Slides              Paper
P.V.M. Da Silva, J.M. Seixas, J. Seixas
AI204 Principal Component Analysis for Neural Electron/Jet Discrimination on Highly Segmented Calorimeters
Abstract              Slides              Paper
M.R. Vassali, J.M. Seixas

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