The Flash Code There are five parts in FDC project to work together to calculate Feynman Diagram. One of them is to construct Lagrangian and deduce Feynman Rule automatically. We have added super-symmetry model to FDC
in last year. From a very simple and easy understanding input, It can construct Lagrangian, deduce all mixing matrices, all Feynman rules and then prepare the Latex version of the result and internal version for later using in FDC. A parameterization scheme can be chose under some interface with user and the Fortran source is
prepared to calculate the deduced parameters which are needed in following calculation. It is very easy to add more leptons, more Higgs, ..., to break global symmetry such as lepton number conservation, bayon number conservation in the input file. It was used to generate MSSM, and super-symmetry model with different R-parity violation.

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