KLOE is the major experiment at the INFN DAFNE Phi-factory in Frascati, Italy. Its main goal is the measurement of CP violation to an accuracy of 10^-4 and is also capable of investigating a whole range of other physics. KLOE will acquire ~10^11 events per year at full luminosity (5x10^32 cm-2s-1) at a throughput of 50 MB/s. Data will be taken for several years to come, accumulating hundreds of terabytes of raw data, acquired during hundred thousands of runs. The estimated total data size, including reconstructed and Monte Carlo data, will be of the order of 1 PB. Data are stored as files; millions are expected to be created and managed by the end of the experiment. The files get created on local disks, moved on tape for long term storage and recalled back as needed to (other) disk areas for analysis purposes. A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is used for the bookkeeping of these files. It contains both information about file content (run number, nr. of events, size, etc.) and their current location (that is on which tape and/or disk area a file can be found). The whole file movement system is fully automated; the files get archived on tape as soon as they are eligible (according to the policy in use at any point in time) while the recall procedure is user driven. There are several mechanisms the users can use to obtain the needed data, from simple command line tools to integrated program libraries. All of them are query based to allow maximum flexibility and ease of use. In the talk, the whole system will be presented, with particular emphasis
on the user interface.

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